Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries – #2

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries

The second day of documenting my social distancing experiences whilst out walking with my dog Buddy, on the permitted 1 hour for daily exercise. Accompanying us on these walks is my trusted Ricoh GRIII 28mm compact camera.

On the second day, which was the Easter Bank Holiday Monday, I became aware of a couple of things. Firstly, the number of disposable gloves and tissues now disposed of on pavements – most definitely a new kind of Covid-19 litter. As you will see, this is something I found myself snapping.

Secondly, just how difficult it is to photograph whilst having a dog on a lead. The usual set up is to have my Ricoh GRIII attached to my right wrist with a wrist strap. This is also the same hand I hold the dog lead in – which adds to the difficulty of shooting and walking at times.

Add to this that Buddy isn’t the most patient of dogs (stubborn would be an apt description) so he has no desire to hang about whilst I faff around attempting to take snaps!

Anyway, here are my social distancing snapshots taken in Wallington, London on Monday 13 April 2020. The images are best viewed as large as possible, so if you are reading on a smart phone or tablet then turning to the horizontal/landscape position should give a better viewing experience.

Enjoy the snaps, and I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, either on the photos or about your own social distancing experiences.

You can see more of my street photography on my website.

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