Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries – #3

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries

An addition for day 3 was taking Buddy out for his early morning walk round the block. My partner, Kirsten, usually does this walk, but wasn’t feeling great – so I got the opportunity to get out with Buddy and my Ricoh GRIII camera a couple of times during the day.

The reason I’ve called this visual record a snapshot diary is because these images are very much raw and spontaneous snaps, rather than meticulously thought out or carefully composed images. It’s very much about being in the moment of these unusual social distancing times.

So here are day three’s snapshots, taken on Tuesday 14 April 2020, in and around Wallington, London.

The images are best viewed as large as possible, so if you are reading on a smart phone or tablet then turning to the horizontal/landscape position should give a better viewing experience.

Enjoy the snaps, and I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, either on the photos or about your own social distancing experiences. You can view all the Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries here.

You can see more of my candid snapshot street photography on my website.

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