Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries – #4

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries

In addition to taking Buddy for his one hour walk to, and around, Carshalton Park, day 4 of my Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries also saw me visit my local Sainsburys supermarket for some much needed supplies.

A queue of about thirty minutes outside gave me ample opportunity to get some extra snapshots with my Ricoh GRIII camera. Given the beautiful Spring weather it was actually quite pleasant queuing up…observing social distancing rules, of course!

One of the aims of these Snapshot Diaries is to shoot in my local residential area during these testing times. Ordinarily I wouldn’t normally shoot so much in the area and, given the repetitive nature of my trips out each day, it’s interesting seeing how I see it over and over again. And, in a couple of cases, how I see myself!

It’s also keeping me clicking over each day with my camera and giving me a small body of work during the Coronavirus pandemic, that I might not normally have got. It beats just shooting photos at home, until we can all get out properly once again.

So here are day four’s snapshots, taken on Wednesday 15 April 2020, in and around Wallington, London. 

The images are best viewed as large as possible, so if you are reading on a smart phone or tablet then turning to the horizontal/landscape position should give a better viewing experience.

Enjoy the snaps, and I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, either on the photos or about your own social distancing experiences. You can view all the Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries here.

You can see more of my candid snapshot street photography on my website.

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